23 June 2006

MONGOLIA day-2 23rd June 2006

RETURN TO ULAANBATOR alt: 1260 metre.
Our return to Ulaanbator was compelled by the need to replace a lost fuel bottle, repair my broken front rack and to find an accurate road map of Mongolia. Yesterdays inability to find the Bulgan road was directly related to road positions on our map being approximate. The 80 km journey seemed quick and the peak hour traffic and smog almost un-nerved me. We found a very homely guesthouse, (+(976)11322100 steppeinmongolia@yahoo.com) having chanced upon Agi in Peace avenue. Like most Mongolians nothing was too much of a bother to her and she even insisted that we keep our bicycles in her second story apartment. After sleeping previously in the condom strewn rooms of the Narlay Hotel with its irregular nocturnal visits; probably prostitution; this was rather quaint. We had a hot shower and a beautiful Mongolian costume was draped from the wall. Agi herself was very charming and delightful company.

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