08 May 2007

NULLABOR PLAIN - photo of Authors ^

This photo (middle) was taken by other cyclists during my journey across the Nullabor Plain in Australia. If you check my links page you can view the BEIMER'S comprehensive cycle journey of the world. During this sojourn I had in fact cycled into the breeze for all of the journey, having not researched wind direction for that time of year. The Meteorology link has records of prevailing wind directions for each season of the year. Also,a shortwave radio is highly effective for weather reports - near Ceduna I managed a 45 kilometre day over eight hours. Subsequent weather reviews that day indicated wind gusts up to 100 km/h from the west. The first photo shows Michael traversing a flooded creek one day before severe flooding struck the Khatgal area of Mongolia. With only luck we managed to always be one day ahead of the floods as we made our return to Moron via the beautiful Khatgal region. The floods in July 2006 eventually washed cars away and caused the deaths of many. The third photo is the Atacama Desierto which is the driest place on earth, with only 5mm of rain in 100 years!


Brian said...

Hi Marcus,

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Anonymous said...

hi marcus
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