30 June 2006

MONGOLIA day-9 30th June 2006 MORON

86.69 km:
After some grueling rocky and corrugated road sections early in the day, I found myself dreaming of washing away the dust and grease and re-energizing my body aches after three days cycling. At about 1720 metres we entered a luxuriant river fed valley at BOSGO DAVAA ; davaa in fact means ‘mountain pass’; where cattle, horses and goats roamed amongst the verdant pastures. Some pines upon the higher slopes were suggestive of a European mountain scape. The final descent to Moron was gentle and I sung to myself all the way to the first asphalt road that we had experienced in about a week. Tonight we are in the very comfortable GAN OYU guesthouse where tea is brought to your room and the electricity and water supply are intermittent.
***We have covered 814.78 km in about 9 days which is an average of 90.53km/day.

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