14 June 2006


Gidday Earth Dog,
Are you still using Earth dog as your email address? Great to hear from you,you could say it´s been a long time between drinks,. a heck of a long time.Hope your trip to Mongolia works out-sounds Awesome.I´ve seen a slide show, plus a tv program from Mongolia,hope you don´t mind eating sheep´s brain.Infact if you were vegetarian,you would loose alot of weight.This trip you´ve got planned sounds extreme,since villages are very far apart,even more desolate than the Aussie outback,more so cause the roads are bad,the air is thin and yurts replace houses.
In 3 weeks I´m off to Georgia,to climb Mt Kazbek,can´t wait.Christine is unfortunately staying at home to look after the kids,yes,we have 2 small children,so long bike rides are unfortunately a thing of the past.However,I was lucky enough to cycle Manali to Leh in India,back in 2002,including a road after Leh,Kardunglah Pass, at 5,603 metres,supposably the highest road in the world.Along the way I cycled with 2 french cyclists,one of whom wrote a book about his epic trip,I ended up being in the book for about 5-7 pages.Even though it´s in French, I bought the book-great souvenir.He´s planning a trip in 2 to 3 years to cycle Madagascar,hopefully I´ll come along.
At the moment,I´m still in Austria,since march 2001,and believe it, or not,I´m a cycle courier from march 2004.Gardening is lowly paid, no team work and no work for 3 months.Yeah,4 gardening firms in 3 years is enough,certainly an experience,as is being a cycle courier for a living.Good way to keep fit,plus it gives me stamina.I´m not too bad a mountain runner,finishing usually in the top 20% in a competition.Imagine 10kms running gaining 1,000metres in altitude,in about 1 hour,about 50 minutes,or so.
When do you and Mick plan to go to Mongolia? Say gidday to Mick for us!!!
Next time we hear from you,I´ll write alonger email,and include a few pics.
Till next time, see ya later.
Peter and Christine.

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