26 January 2006


This letter was originally printed in "Pedal Update", a South Australian newsletter with links to: http://www.bisa.asn.au
The letter was also forwarded to the Government's minister of Transport at the time and we still await a reply:-
Dear Minister
I am writing to you in reference to the passage of bicycles upon multilane carriageways. Particular reference is to the Road Traffic Act, 1961, Section 54 (1)(a)(i).
This section would indicate that the passing of another vehice travelling in the same direction must be done completely in the outer lane(s), A pedal-cycle is a vehicle under Section 5(1), yet cars invariably pass close within the left lane. I believe that cars do so believing that this is legal, confusing Section 54 (1)(b) as applying to bicycle and automobile interaction on multilane roads.
Under Section 99 a cyclist must not travel less than two metres from the rear of another vehicle, yet there is no law stating the clearance that needs to be given to a cyclist. The ‘Give cyclists a metre’ campaign was not even a legal requirement.
I implore that an amendment be made to the law to protect cyclists, and that motorised vehicles re required to pass cyclists fully in the other lane, and never be allowed to be less than two metres distant from cyclists. Perhaps all left lanes could be declared ‘bicycle lanes’ by amending section 5 (1) such that a bike lane is such when a cyclist travels on the inner lane of a road.
Please note that 90% of collisions within the CBD in the last three years involved cars striking cyclists from the rear in daylight conditions.
As of 2006 the road laws are yet to be changed
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